Experiantial Tours in English

Public or Private Walking Tours and Experiential Programmes

Experiential Guided Tours

We organize tours to give visitors a glimpse of a hidden side of Prague. These experiences can also happen on-line thanks to the fascinating content that can be found on the internet and through social media.

V.I.P. Programmes

As lead guide, I bring in guest guides and incorporate other projects to help create memorable experiences, in Prague and beyond.

Bespoke Walking Tours and Events

As well as guided tours, we design bespoke walking tours and events for businesses and other groups.

Give (yourself) Experience as Present 

Do you want to make somebody happy or please your clients, colleagues, cooperators, a group of friends or your family? Give them present connected to experience and tourist guide services and let them choose time and type of tour they want.

With our voucher you cant make mistake.

You pay, they choose what they can – with gift voucher. Simply.

We can organize a wide range of activities for you. Just let us know what you or they wish.
And we will put it into practice. 

Kristýna Maková, Tourist Guide and Praha křížem krážem Founder

Kristýna Maková loves her job –⁠ guiding tourists. She started Praha křížem krážem (Prague Walking Guide) in 2014.

She worked those days in the International Broadcasting of the Czech Radio, but in her free time, she time-to-time worked as a guide in some parts of Vyšehrad district. She is keen organizing events and sharing information about Prague, history and present with people from Czech Republic and all around the world.

She loves connecting guided tours with experiences. What she provides, is complete services with organizing guided tours and events. She cooperates with her colleagues to do the best for tourists to make them feel great and enjoy their trips and holidays.

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